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The Easton Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit 501(c)(6) membership organization representing business and professional people. The Easton Chamber of Commerce mission is to unite, guide and support Easton businesses with the goal of increasing economic opportunities and fostering a healthy business climate.

About Us

Why Should I Join?

There are many reasons to join, but networking with other passionate, local business owners and non-profits are #1!


Enjoy a night out with other buisiness owners in the area. Share new ideas in the workforce. Tell people about what you do, you never know if they're in need of your services!

Member to Member Discounts

Easton Chamber of Commerce businesses offer exclusive discounts from member to member. Support one another in town and enjoy the benefits of shopping or seeking services locally.


Come together with other members of the chamber when offering services or incorporating them into your business as well. We are here to help each other grow beyond what we think we are capable of as a community.

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