Easton Chamber of Commerce

September Scavenger Hunt

Let’s put the FUN in Fundraiser

Our scavenger hunt will lead your group around town to the best-known landmarks as well as hidden gems. Along the way, you and your teammates will should take lots of photos of your team. Be creative!!

Entry is $15 per team. You can register by clicking here

Upload your photos by 5pm on September 30, 2020 to Karin at karin@easton-chamber.com. Google Photo shared links are preferred.

Each team that completes all the challenges will be entered in to win a gift prize that includes a 3 month membership to the YMCA, Scentsy products an electric travel toothbrush and other goodies.

Scavenger Hunt Rules

Please follow Social Distancing Guidelines.

Be respectful of places and property you visit.

All entries MUST be turned in by September 30, 2020

Be creative, have fun and be sure to get lots of pictures!!!

Scavenger Hunt Clues

1.  You are going to need energy to complete this list so take a photo of your group enjoying Easton’s born and raised Ruth Graves Wakefield’s world-famous creation.

2.   Visit this beautiful Italianate style garden with reflecting pool and fountain.  While you are there take a photo with a favorite book.  Don’t have one, I am sure this location can help you find one.

3.  Area artists bring a variety of unique and original art in paint, photography, jewelry, wood turning, pottery, acrylics to an idyllic setting… an antique cape in the midst of the Ames Shovelworks Project. This location also shares office space with the Easton Chamber of Commerce.  Get a photo in front of this building. 

4.  Picture in front of the sign of this Easton staple that keeps us “runnin” in North Easton Village Shoppes.

5.  There are 35 cemeteries in Easton.  Take a photo of your group in any one of them.

Hint- Clues 6, 7, and 8 are all in different parts of the same building location…

6.  This company’s building has an industrial vibe to it, as it was originally built for Easton’s Historical Shovel Manufacturing operations, and is split into two main rooms which serve the people of Easton.  Photograph your group by their outdoor beer garden.

7.  Cathleen’s business has been operating for 15 years.  She is the daughter of the late award-winning news photojournalist Jack Cryan – so storytelling is in her blood.  Make sure your group is looking “picture perfect” because you are going to take a well-staged photograph (hint hint) at her studio.

8.  Need a simple way to integrate new technologies into the workplace or enhancing your home entertainment and security systems?  Take a picture of your group taking selfies at their location on Oliver Street.

9.  The Wompanoag Tribe lived around this natural wonder, which itself dates back to 6000 BC.  Now this company’s building is centered around it.  You may want to take a hydration break at this stop, but definitely take a group photo here.

10.  Take a photo with this Whistlestop Plaza’s business’s sign in the background. Their logo is a woman in a seated position. 

11. Doc Holiday, Jim Lonborg, and Paul Revere used to be in this profession. This Easton business was established in 1975, and they work on the hardest part of the human body.  Take a photo at this business sporting your cheesiest one of these while waving to an iconic Easton business next door that can cause what they fix.

12.  Founded in 1961 – This premiere wedding and golf venue is now home to a satellite location for 2 Jerks Barbecue.  Get a photo of your group in front of the function hall pointing to the restaurant sign.

13.  Why shop here? Save Money! Help save the environment! Reduce waste in landfills!  Buy local!  This consignment store’s brick-and-mortar location has been in Easton since 1989 but just moved into North Easton Village Shoppes. Take a picture in front of their store.

14. This Historic hall designed by noted American architect H. H. Richardson, with landscaping by Frederick Law Olmsted is located on Main Street in the village of North Easton.  Take a photo of your group on the steps leading up to its five massive arches. 

15.  “Don’t be a pain in the neck”. This business utilizes stretching, exercise, and other modalities to achieve success with their patient-base.  Take a group photo performing a strange stretch at their new Easton location.

16.  This 36-acre historic property in Easton that was once the home of Oliver Ames, who served as Massachusetts’ 35th governor from 1887–1890 is now open for the public to enjoy.  Take a photo in the parking lot with our sponsor’s sign near the big rock. 

17.  This diverse spot offers open trails, woods trails, farm animals, and more.  The property is open for passive recreation, from bird watching to picnicking.  Take a picture with either their chickens or sheep in the background.

18.  This former railroad station is now a museum.  Take a photo of your group at the old stone roller on its property. Where will you find it? Near the road where once, pulled by oxen, it rolled and made each street a better way for travelers of an earlier day.

19.   This group’s four core values are: caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. They serve 31 communities in Southeastern Massachusetts with programs for all ages and abilities, designed to build healthy spirits, minds and bodies.  They also offer child care services.  Take a group photo holding your noses by the window in front of their indoor pool.

20. Get a photo of your group in front of this bronze statue of kids playing.  The building it is in front of has green awnings.